Once upon a time Lari’s CAFÉ featured an Icon on their site, his name is Mosope and he is a Photographer!

Ojomu Paul Mosope was born June 28 1996 at Agege, Lagos state. He is from Ibeju-lekki Lagos state. He started his education in 1998 where he attended Chrisland nursery and primary school till 2006. From 2006 to 2012 he attended Ezekiel private college and in 2013 he went on to study mass communication and graduated in 2017.

He decided to be a photographer in 2015; he started with a phone and at the end of the year he was able to purchase a professional camera. He created the Sope Photography brand in 2016; he photographs mostly portraits of beauty, lifestyle and fashion. He pursued photography because of his love for pictures and the message they pass.



Mosope never attended any formal training or workshop but in 2015 he learned the basics of photography from Peter Alawode. Mosope officially works alone but from to time he gets assistance from close friends; he plans to hire people as soon as the brand gets big enough.



The model always determines the kind of concept I want to achieve… I like taking dramatic pictures… The rest would be left in the hands of the makeup’ artist. –  Mosope



  1. Studio space: Mosope doesn’t own studio space and so he ends up renting it from other people whenever he has indoor photoshoots.
  2. Money: This is a big challenge for a photographer because of the amount of equipment he requires. He also has to keep up with upgrades in the technology of these different gears. Another area that requires money is advertisements. Mosope has a lot on his hands but he plans to tackle these issues by saving and planning his cash flow.
  3. Competition: It can be very overwhelming so Mosope chooses not to look at them but instead he ‘faces his hustle’ and learns from his top men(mentors).


For bookings and inquiries, you can reach Mosope on:

  • Instagram: @sopephotography
  • Twitter: @sopephotography

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