Being a Makeup artist is pretty common especially in Nigeria, Being a blogger is even more common, juggling all that with a Law Career isn\’t so rare but being a badass in all three; now that\’s Something!!!
Nkasike popularly known with her old social media handle @psycheethemua (now it\’s @thesikegbana) was born on the 1st of October 1996 at the Federal Medical Centre Jalingo Taraba State. She is of the Kpanzum tribe, a sub-dialect under Jukun. Her hometown is Kumbo in Taraba State.

She attended Grace Junior Academy, Jalingo for primary school from 2002 to 2006 and proceeded to Bethany Christian Academy in Barkin-Ladi from 2006 to 2010 and Funtaj International School (when it was still in Kuje) from 2011 to 2012 for High School. For uni she attended Afe Babalola University where she studied Law from 2012 to 2017. Immediately after convocation she went on to attend the Nigerian Law School, wrote the bar exams and got called to the bar in November 2018.
Nkasike was quite active in extra-curricular school activities; in primary school she was a part of the debate club, computer club and drama club. In high school, she was in a health club (ss2-ss3). In university, she was part of the Arts, Crafts and Fashion Society. She never had an official position in those clubs but always ended up leading something.

Growing up, Nkasike wanted to be many things! Early on she wanted to be a doctor but she realized she hated the sight of blood so that got cancelled. Later she wanted to be a missionary pilot after watching or reading something somewhere before she finally ended up with law.

Nkasike had always been interested in beauty.

\”I remember admiring my aunt\’s ombre lips back in the early 2000s. I also shaved off my brows in an attempt to shapen them sometime in 2008/2009; Js2 I think, I can\’t remember. My mum didn\’t know because I wasn\’t at home when I did it. It was a funny experience. The brows just grew back over time I guess\” – Nkasike Gbana

In September 2013 Nkasike attended Makeup School for 3 weeks with Pretty Ink Signature in Abuja. It was there she knew that make-up was what she was meant to do and so it only made sense to her to make it a brand.

\”I am my brand lol. My brand is Sike the makeup artist. It is who I am and what I am.\”
– Nkasike Gbana

She exercises artistic creativity on her clients sometimes and other times she creates conventional looks. Her work relies completely on the desire of the client. She has no signature look so for promotional purposes there is always something new she\’ll create and post, either on models or herself.

She has a hashtag called #TheBibleBeauties where she creates what she imagines women in the bible must have looked like.

She has a dream to own a Creative Studio. Not a makeup studio. She is yet to release the details but has promised that it\’s gonna be explosive! Turn on post notifications for her instagram @sikethemakeupartist to be updated.
She is still building her online portfolio but for now her works are on the blog and her Instagram.

Nkasike is also a blogger. She has a partner she blogs with; Patsy Mokungah. The blog\’s brand name was at the time it started in 2015 but in 2019 it was changed to was about God, Food, Fashion, events and hair. Basically it was a diary of whatever interested she and Patsy. Right now, she lives in Abuja and Jalingo but is available to travel upon a client\’s request.

Nkasike is a Human Rights activist, she co-founded the VVFInitiative, an NGO that spreads awareness about Vesico-Vaginal Fistula (VVF), raises funds for repair surgeries, and rehabilitates patients.

The year she learnt makeup, her grades fell substantially because she was more excited about makeup than her academics (law), but by the next year she struck a balance and started to excel in both.
Nkasike is mostly a Human Rights Lawyer during the week and an artist on the weekends.

1.) Funding: Nkasike is often faced with the fact that Makeup is not cheap, neither is a good camera and lights, so she cultivated a saving habit and works hard to earn money which she re-invests into the brand.
2.) Creative Block: When faced with this, especially for promotional posts, she does what all Christians should do, she Prays It Away.
3.) Blog Identity: In 2015 the blog was named and there was a similar existing blog called This was a source of confusion for some readers but with time loyal readers got used to the difference in \”A\” . However after 4 Years and thousands of readers and subscribers, a new site and identity has been created. To keep up with them turn on post notifications for @ourpastiche on Instagram.

1.) November 2016: Abuad\’s first beauty class with @lebeau_oge, @adaugo and @kenosi

2.)February 2017: Valentine\’s day looks collab with Zuka Williams of @Maketopiaofficiel
3.) Apri/July 2017: Coachella collab with Tega Milton of @Miltons_arte
4.) August 2018: Blog giveaway sponsored by @fbcbeauty @zalluring_by_folz

@beadsbyqueen and @sara.omaniio

For Collaborations or PR work you can reach Nkasike on:
Instagram: @sikethemakeupartist
E-mail: [email protected]

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