Hey Guys, we have a new guest, she’s a Henna Artist! Exciting right?

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Fatima Ummie Lawal was born on the 4th of June in Lagos State. She is a Kambari lady from Yauri in Kebbi State. She attended New Capital School, Stella Maris Primary School and Stella Maris Secondary School in Abuja where she held the position of a General Prefect. Ummie studied Computer Science at the American University of Nigeria, Adamawa State from 2009 to 2013 and mastered in Information System Management at the University of Salford, Manchester from 2015 to 2016 where she trained to be a Business Analyst and Developer.


At the end of the year 2014 as Ummie was preparing to go for her Masters program, she came across a beautiful picture of henna, the design was different and it was neat. She went through the person\’s page, saw more designs and thought to herself ‘if this is possible I should find where to learn when I go to school’. So she met up with a Moroccan henna artist she found on Instagram in Manchester and had a class with her; then she kept practicing on her own to perfect the craft.


Ummie decided to turn her Henna to a brand in the last months of 2016 and she currently has a Natural Traditional Spa in Kado estate Abuja. Ummie has some standard designs she displays on her social media and in person to her customers to choose from but usually people come with pictures of what they like which she recreates with personal tweaks here and there.


Ummie’s customers are often Ladies between the ages of 19 and 35. She has had a few male customers who have requested for lines and tribal looking designs but she stopped receiving male customers after she got married.

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Not too long ago Ummie had a 9 to 5 job so she only opened her Henna spa on the weekends. However, using the internet as a working tool, Ummie now does her Business analysis and development on the go (online/part-time) leaving her with enough time to attend to her wonderful customers.


  1. Appreciation:

‘A lot of people don\’t regard being a henna artist as a job so they don\’t want to pay what you charge. Downgrading it constantly to isn\’t it just henna. Some will say. Anh anh. This simple henna ya charging this? I think this is a general problem in Nigeria. We don\’t appreciate people that do hand work. But, the Customer is always right remember? So, I usually smile, take a deep breath and reply with I understand you. Unfortunately, this is my price.

You can reach Ummie for her services or further inquiries on;

  • Instagram: @houseofhermanaabj
  • Twitter: @Ummie_L

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