In a world of the internet and social media where everyone has quick access to \”bad news\”. It\’s refreshing to sit back and relax while someone discusses those same issues without all the accompanying depression. Let the drums ROLL as Lari\’s CAFE welcomes our very own Youtuber Chidera Stephen!!!

Chidera was born in Umudike Ukpor, Anambra State in 1996, she\’s an Igbo lady, a native of Nnewi south, Anambra State. However, she grew up in the metropolitan cities of Lagos and Accra (Ghana).

Chidera started schooling in the 90s at Carol standard convent, Ichi up till 2006 when she graduated to Fidel madonna College. From 2008 to 2010 she attended Millbank secondary school, Ojo and Apostle Safo School of Arts and Sciences, Accra from 2010 to 2012. Then in 2013 she attended the University of Cape Coast, Ghana where she bagged a Bachelors Degree in Communication studies.

Growing up Chidera wanted to be a Lawyer but she got discouraged by the flawed Nigerian Legal System. Later on, she opted for Arts Director but she couldn\’t find a suitable school at the time she was ready for undergraduate study so she put it on hold. But watch out! Turn on post notifications on her social media @stolid_p, any day now she could be announcing her position as an Art Director somewhere close to you!

Currently Chidera is a Creative Writer and Lifestyle Youtuber, she\’s also available for Hosting and Anchoring Gigs. Chidera started vlogging (youtube) in 2018 and she\’s been on a roll since then. Unlike most Lifestyle vloggers, Chidera does not limit her content to Beauty, Fashion and good food. She explores a large variety of topics including Abortion, Suicide, Reality TV shows, Job hunting, Travel, Language, Cultural Standards, Politics etc.

Her creativity in delivering content informs, educates and at the same time entertains her audience. With hardly any PR she has been able to build a loyal followership in under a year all kudos to her talent.
Chidera\’s inspiration for content on her YouTube Channel mostly come from a sense of \”usefulness\” not \”art\”.

\”I try to make my posts useful. Mostly what can contribute to an individual, a recommendation, tips or a place to visit\” – Chidera Stephen

1.) Professional Filming: Chidera has had no formal training in Filming and Video editing, everything she does is as a result of personal learning, she\’s \”Self-taught\”. She records all posts on her cell-phone. This can be tricky especially with no lighting and other Camera equipment to develop the quality of the images and sound.

2.) Video features: Chidera is in need of people to vlog with, people she can discuss issues with.

So if you are ready to grab this opportunity to work closely with her or if you have inquiries or just want to follow up on her work visit her social media:

YouTube Channel: Chidera Stephen
Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter: @stolid_p

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