Daniel Onyekwere: Comic Artist

Hey Guys, my name is Daniel Onyekwere and I’m a comic Artist.


First thing you should know about Daniel is that he’s only 11 years old. Daniel Onyekwere was born on the 14th of July 2006 in Nigeria. He still lives in Nigeria, by the way. He is an Igbo boy from Abia state that loves drawing. He attends Living Word Academy in Lagos and hopes to be an Artist and an Architect when he gets older.

Daniel started drawing at age 6 due to his fascination with the cartoons he watched on TV. Nobody taught him to draw he just started doing it and kept getting better every day.

 IMG_20180330_074944 IMG_20180330_074952 IMG_20180330_074925

His stories are made up by his two younger siblings while he draws the characters in little 20 leaves notebooks. He sells them to his neighbors and school friends for either N150 or N200 depending on the volume of the work.


Daniel doesn’t know any Nigerian comics except the Indomitables but he plans to create Nigerian super heroes and would love to see his characters on TV someday.

Daniel is at a point where he needs all the encouragement from you guys so to buy or take a look at his works you can reach his dad via Twitter @oobynno

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